the last emperor

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I was in a major angst mood last week. Sometimes I don't know if I'm cut out for the fashion world. Parsons definitely prepared me for the "real world" with all the favoritism and ass kissing going on with students, teachers and a certain Mr. Tim Gunn. Five years and a diploma later, I still cant compromise my integrity to get ahead in my career. I just believe in hard work, talent and dedication. Unfortunately those aren't always the traits that get you ahead in this industry.

Maybe the Netflix gods were feeling sorry for me, cause this movie showed up in my mailbox and reminded me of why I do love fashion so much.

Valentino is genius! His gowns are truly a work of art and absolutely beautiful. However, a lot of the credit has to go to those women who work in his sample room. Their hands are the real tools that create Valentino's beautiful gowns. After seeing them work, I realized that sometimes fashion can be a thankless job. Someone could take all the credit for something that you put your blood, sweat and tears into. But at the end of the day, you are doing something that you are so passionate about that you're just grateful to wake up everyday and be able to do what you love.


these boots were made for walking

Gucci booties

Today is officially the first day of fall. Its 80 degrees outside. It doesn't stop me from wearing these.


food is love

This weekend was:

Brunch with girlfriends at Five Points. I had a yummy brioche french toast with pecans and mascarpone.

Shopping in Soho, with a pit stop at the Cupcake Stop truck. The red velvet was not bad.

The September Issue at the Sunshine Theater. I don't know if I loved this movie. It was alitle slow for me. I loved Grace Coddington though. She is such a amazing image creator. What exactly does Andre Leon Talley do? It looks like he does jack shit.

Dinner at Pinto with good friends. They have the coolest way of serving thai iced tea and the food is always tasty!

Then off to bed with my snuggle buddy.



The weather last Friday, felt like a night out of Seattle. Rainy, misty and cold. Its was a refreshing change and weather like that always makes me crave comfort food.

I confess I am a member of the church of David Chang. Momofuku ssam bar is one of my favorite places to eat in the East Village. The food is reminiscent of all the Korean flavors I grew up with but always with his creative twist.

The bf and I always start with the pork buns. The pork literally melts in you mouth and a dip of the sriracha sauce makes it heavenly.

Growing up, ddukboki (rice cakes) was one of my favorite comfort foods my mom or grandma would make for me. David Chang's version tastes like a sophisticated version with pork and crispy shallots.

Conveniently, right next door is dessert at Milk Bar. Another addition to the Momofuku family.

My favorite cookie was the cornflake chocolate chip marshmellow cookie. Try saying that fast.

Last but not least, I got to finally wear my Barneys Co-op jacket I bought 2 months ago.

Barneys Co-op jacket, American Apparel tank, Marley skirt, American Apparel leg warmers, Marc Jacobs boots.


fashions night out

Today I was in Soho after work returning something. I caught the start of events going on for Fashions Night Out. There was definitely a buzz in the air. It felt like Halloween for fashionistas. Everyone was dress in their fashion best and every store had some kind of "treat" to giveaway.

Just walking down Prince Street, was an awesome pre dinner snack.

I got a mini cupcake from the Cupcake Stop truck parked outside of Club Monaco.

I got a Good Humor ice cream bar from the vintage ice cream truck parked in front of Rachel Roy.

I got to check out the new collection, "Style Black" at MAC while munching on mini fried mac and cheese balls and sipping a mini Perrier.

The line for BAPE was crazy! Devoted Pharrell fans waiting to get things signed.

I tried to get a manicure from Chanel, but everyone was waiting to paint their nails in the new Chanel Jade color. So I settled for a glass of champagne instead.

I wish I could have checked out more events but my dinner date was waiting. Overall, I think the event was a great idea that should be done again next year!


voluspa candles

Goji and Tarocco Orange by Voluspa from Japonica collection

I recently stopped by Anthropologie for some trend shopping for work. The store always smells good, but today it made my nostrils perk up. They had two of these Goji and Tarocco orange Voluspa candles burning in large glass vases and the scent filled the entire store. It was a pretty large space too!

The candle smells amazing! The first initial whiff smells like Haribo gummy bears and the tail end you catch a burst of orangey citrus goodness.

I bought one and I cant wait till I fill my studio with this delicious scent. They also have other heavenly sounding scents I need to go back for. Next on my list is Panjore Lychee. It is a blend of ripe lychee and pear, warmed by smooth vanilla bean. Sounds good enough to eat!


And how cool is this Alexander McQueen clutch?

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in my bag

The bf always makes fun of me because my purse usually is like a suitcase. I always pack everything I would need for any worst case scenario. So you can imagine how heavy it gets! I put my bag collection on a constant rotation. This week I'm loving my slate blue/grey Balenciaga Matelasse bag. I scored this at the Woodbury Outlets a few months ago. It felt too heavy looking for summer so I was saving it for a fall. It seems as if there is a hint of fall in the air this week in NYC.

My Kid Robot gorilla charm.

Inside my "suitcase":

-Vanilla macarons from Bouchon Bakery. I always carry snacks, just in case my food baby starts nagging.

-Keys with all my sentimental key chains

-iPod touch. Always need my music.

-Marc Jacobs coin purse for my work badges and metro card.

-Sephora brilliant shine lipgloss in rosy glow. My hands down favorite lip gloss out there. Its not sticky and goes on really smooth. I've been through two tubes already.

-Cellphone. Haven't crossed over to Blackberry/iPhone land yet.

-Gucci wallet from the days when the bf worked at Gucci.

-Vintage RayBan aviators from my dad. He bought these brand new in the 70's for $40 bucks. They are still good as new and stylish as ever. Goes to you show you some things never go out of style.

-My new book, Pride and Prejudice with cover from Ruben Toledo.

-Marc Jacobs makeup bag with way too much stuff to show. You name it I have it in that bag. Bandaids, asprin, tissues, etc. Its a mini Duane Reade in there.