Last weekend I was visiting some friends in New Jersey. They suggested we have lunch at Harold's New York Deli in Edison. This place should be on the Man vs. Food show as part of a challenge. Everything there is BIG! Their portions can feed a whole family.

We decided to try the corned beef and hot pastrami sandwiches.

Between the five of us, we didn't even make a dent in this thing. With endless rye bread and a pickle bar. I was stuffed after one sandwich. It was so tasty and I wanted to keep going, but my pants were feeling tight.

They also have the biggest fries I've ever seen. What kind of mutant potatoes did these things come from?!

There was no way we had room for dessert, but everyone else in the restaurant didn't seem to pass on a slice from one of their massive cakes. These things are the size of two phone books.

And people wonder why America is fat!


smells like teen spirit

pic name

pic namepic name

Martin & Osa hat, J. Crew slub tee, H&M cardigan, Uniqlo cardigan, J.Crew necklace, Gap jeans, Doc Marten boots.

My outfit today feels kind of boyish and moody. Work has been getting on my nerves and sometimes I really question why I decided I ever wanted to be a fashion designer. I guess my mood subconsciously translated to my outfit when I got dressed this morning. It is my homage to my favorite band ever, Nirvana. I remember in middle school I would come home from school and watch MTV (when they used to play music videos) and love the grungy look of Kurt Cobain. I admit I was a nerd in middle school and didn't feel cool enough to wear what I saw. The torn up jeans, flannels and Doc Martens were left to the more "popular" kids at my school.

Finally, my 8th grade dreams come true and I bought myself a pair of Doc Martens. They are the most comfortable shoes and I love feeling like I'm stomping around.

Of course, even this grungy girl needs a little bit of sparkle.


feeling catty

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pic name

pic name

Zara dress, Marc Jacobs belt, H&M opaque tights and necklace, Gucci booties.

I've never owned anything animal print. I don't have anything against it, I would see other people wearing it and think it was fine. I just thought it wasn't me.

I was in Zara the other day finally getting my hands on the leftovers of a sale that been going on for a few weeks. This dress immediately caught my eye. My first step into the animal world! I love the deep red color and the fact it looks more polka dot-ish.

One of my favorite nail polish colors. 212-New York from OPI Sephora.

I got these Gucci booties on super sale and one of my best buys! They go with everything and the shape of the toe and heel are perfection.

A Christmas presents from my best friend. She totally knows my style.


new year, new beginnings

Happy New Year! I love that feeling you get on the first day of the new year. Excitement, hope, renewal, and anticipation. I feel like the slate is clean again, time to refresh and reinvent. Hopefully, 2010 will be great!

I know I've neglected this sad little blog. I'm surprised there are even any readers. Work has been a nightmare , my internet was out of commission at home and I've been keeping myself busy on the weekends.

Here is a few things I've been up too.

A good friend of mine was on an episode of Top Chef America. I was there to cheer him on. It was amazing to see all the elements come together to become the final show you see on tv.

My view. It was no easy feat being in the audience. 6 hours of filming, 2 bathroom breaks and no food. All those delicious smells were almost torturous.

Thanksgiving feels like ages ago. Spent the day cooking with my best friend who joined us this year.

So much food.

My obsession with David Chang of Momofuku fame has deepened. He is planning on opening a new restaurant this year, Ma Peche. For now, it is serving a preview menu at the Chambers Hotel. Spicy popcorn with nori. Now why don't they serve this in movie theaters?!

Fried rice noodles with lemongrass, garlic and pork. Heavenly.

I heart Tim Burton at the MOMA.