Last weekend I was visiting some friends in New Jersey. They suggested we have lunch at Harold's New York Deli in Edison. This place should be on the Man vs. Food show as part of a challenge. Everything there is BIG! Their portions can feed a whole family.

We decided to try the corned beef and hot pastrami sandwiches.

Between the five of us, we didn't even make a dent in this thing. With endless rye bread and a pickle bar. I was stuffed after one sandwich. It was so tasty and I wanted to keep going, but my pants were feeling tight.

They also have the biggest fries I've ever seen. What kind of mutant potatoes did these things come from?!

There was no way we had room for dessert, but everyone else in the restaurant didn't seem to pass on a slice from one of their massive cakes. These things are the size of two phone books.

And people wonder why America is fat!


Jess said...

Delis always have the most ridiculously huge servings! I've yet to ever have room for dessert either haha

Wendy said...

Looks so yummy!