Part 2 of MBNYFW

Inside the doors of NYFW, there is even more frenzy.

There was a pit of people, hard at work.

You could sign up for a quick free manicure. Too bad it was booked. I would've loved to try Essie's new colors!

I did however, fill up on some Starbucks and coffee shaped Silly Bandz!

pic name

pic name


NYFW - Ports 1961

This year, I was lucky to get to see the Ports 1961 show. Lincoln Center definitely has a different vibe then the tents at Bryant Park. The open atrium feels like a big runway itself. Everyone is dressed to the nines.

The Port 1961 show got off to a late start as most fashion shows do. The collection was pretty. There were a lot of pieces I wouldn't mind adding to my own closet.

All the photogs waiting for the show to start.

Waiting for the show to begin!

Freja is waiting for the show to start too!

Months and months of planning and designing, for a show that probably last no more than 20 minutes.

The theme of the show was based on the sandy landscapes of the North African deesert. The color palette was neutrals with purple and green and sapphire blue. There were alot of pretty drapey looks.

Freja closing the show!


contest time

There is an amazing contest going on at Merci. I've only won two contests in my life. So I'm crossing my fingers I win this one!! :)


eataly, new york

I went to check on Mario Batali's new Italian food hall, Eataly. It was a sensory overload. Everywhere I turned there was something delicious to entice my sense of smell, taste and sight. It was like a slice of Italy right in the middle of New York City.

I should have waited until the hype died down before I went to check it out. Going on the second day was a mistake. I had to fight my way through. I don't even think I got to see half the foodie mecca.

What I did get to see, didn't disappoint. The size of the space alone is overwhelming. It occupies the old Toy Factory building.

Inside there is a:
  • book store
  • wine store
  • housewares
  • cooking school by Lidia Bastianich
  • beer garden on the roof
  • wood-fired pizza ovens imported from Italy
  • gelato
  • coffee bar
  • bakery
  • produce
  • cheese
  • butcher
  • fish monger
  • dry goods: canned tomatoes, tomato sauces, olive oils, vinegars, jams, honey
  • restaurants

pic name

pic name
Left: Mario Batali with his signature orange Crocs. Right: Map

Love this quote.

pic name

pic name
Left: So any different types of jam. Right: Italian sodas and sparkling water.

Is this  an Italian version of mountain dew?

So happy they carry my favorite chocolates!

My hubby is excited to try an expresso next time!

Delicious carbs!

Bakers hard at work. 

There were rows and rows of different shapes and types of pasta.

I cant wait to go back again and really taste what Italy has to offer!


bridesmaid cards

I wanted to find a creative way to ask my sister, sister in law to be, best friend and high school friend to be part of my wedding.

While reading through my wedding blog list, I found the cutest D.I.Y bridesmaid card project from Once Wed.

This was my first D.I.Y project for the wedding. Luckily, there are so many paper resources in the city, so finding all the supplies was fun!

Then came the challenging part, actually making the cards. I felt like I was doing another Parsons freshman year project.

It was hard cutting the bodies to be perfectly the same size. I guess my scissor skills are a little rusty. All the girls are wearing grey dresses in the shade of grey I want in real life.

pic namepic name

Cutting the hair with an xacto knife was making me crazy. I don't know why I had so much trouble getting them to all be the same size. I even used a template.

In my little package I included a photo card with a heartfelt note. I chose pictures that capture us in laughter or just being silly.

I also added a postcard in my wedding colors with location details and date. I love the Martha Stewart edge punches I found at Micheal's. They have a variety of shapes and borders you can choose from.

Everything was packed together in a envelope sealed with a cute button sticker and Japanese masking tape in yellow.