new york, i love you

This year I'm making New York City my valentine. We've "dated" for ten years officially. With love comes gratitude. No matter how many times I complain about the weird smells, slow subways or crazy rents. I still love my city. And heres why:

-I love that young people give up their seats for elderly on the bus.
-I love that this city never sleeps.
-I love that everyone is from somewhere else.
-I love that you can buy meat and rice from a cart at 3 am.
-I love that my dry cleaners know me by name.
-I love that when the buildings are light up at night it still makes my stomach jump with excitement
-I love that after living here for 10 years I still discover new things about the city.
-I love that our museums are filled with things you cant see anywhere else
-I love that there are some of the most delicious restaurants with exciting things to eat.
-I love that the sidewalk is a runway.
-I love that you can skate, run, blade, read, bike, see a concert, buy a pretzel, tan and go to the zoo in Central Park.

Thanks for being mine, NYC <3


J said...

aww what a great valentine! reminds me of carries love affair with nyc as well. nyc is a fab place! happy vday!

the raconteur said...
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