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Pat Benatar sang "Love is a battlefield".

Someone should have said Fashion is a battlefield! With all the warring going on between the design team, merchants and the production team. Everyday is a sparring lesson. As a designer, its always a struggle with the production team who are price conscious about everything. For me as a designer, its hard to have these limitations when you design. You want to use the best fabric, trims and techniques. Then you have the merchandisers, who want to "design". I've learned to be patient and compromise. I think that's one of the biggest lessons you learn working at a large company.

Today I came to work dressed as a solider of fashion.

pic name

pic name
Gap jacket, American Apparel leggings, Urban Outfitter tunic, Marc Jacobs belt, Doc Marten boots

In all the Spring 2010 runway shows, there are touches of the military influence everywhere.

Images from Style.com

I've always loved utilitarian details in clothes. With tabs, big cargo pockets, zippers, drawcord and snaps.

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pic name

Can't wait to find more military things to add to my wardrobe. Next on the list is a great pair of cargo pants.


Diya said...

cute jacket! I loved rag & bone's interpretation of the trend the best. I think it's the most wearable off the runway.

PS I would love it if you dropped by my new blog!! <3


A Pinch of Style said...

looks great on you!

heart charlie said...

I love all the different military inspired looks you've posted ;) I also love your jacket, especially paired with that pretty dress! Good luck with all the office politics ;)

J said...

that tunic is great esp with the military jacket!