smells like teen spirit

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Martin & Osa hat, J. Crew slub tee, H&M cardigan, Uniqlo cardigan, J.Crew necklace, Gap jeans, Doc Marten boots.

My outfit today feels kind of boyish and moody. Work has been getting on my nerves and sometimes I really question why I decided I ever wanted to be a fashion designer. I guess my mood subconsciously translated to my outfit when I got dressed this morning. It is my homage to my favorite band ever, Nirvana. I remember in middle school I would come home from school and watch MTV (when they used to play music videos) and love the grungy look of Kurt Cobain. I admit I was a nerd in middle school and didn't feel cool enough to wear what I saw. The torn up jeans, flannels and Doc Martens were left to the more "popular" kids at my school.

Finally, my 8th grade dreams come true and I bought myself a pair of Doc Martens. They are the most comfortable shoes and I love feeling like I'm stomping around.

Of course, even this grungy girl needs a little bit of sparkle.


heart charlie said...

I think your outfit is amazing wonderful, not boyish at all ;) I love the layering of the black/white/gray pallete! Don't give up on fashion design yet, maybe you just need a little trip, to go out for a weekend and get inspired and remember why it is you loved design in the first place. I know exactly how it can feel to be overwhelmed by work. But sometimes you just need a break, and then you can go back with a new sense of joy ;)

J said...

great outfit!! love how u incorporated the necklace :)

vein of noir said...

thanks for the kind words. maybe i just need a vacation :)