fashions night out

Today I was in Soho after work returning something. I caught the start of events going on for Fashions Night Out. There was definitely a buzz in the air. It felt like Halloween for fashionistas. Everyone was dress in their fashion best and every store had some kind of "treat" to giveaway.

Just walking down Prince Street, was an awesome pre dinner snack.

I got a mini cupcake from the Cupcake Stop truck parked outside of Club Monaco.

I got a Good Humor ice cream bar from the vintage ice cream truck parked in front of Rachel Roy.

I got to check out the new collection, "Style Black" at MAC while munching on mini fried mac and cheese balls and sipping a mini Perrier.

The line for BAPE was crazy! Devoted Pharrell fans waiting to get things signed.

I tried to get a manicure from Chanel, but everyone was waiting to paint their nails in the new Chanel Jade color. So I settled for a glass of champagne instead.

I wish I could have checked out more events but my dinner date was waiting. Overall, I think the event was a great idea that should be done again next year!


Lesley said...

Ahh lucky!!! I wish i could have taken advantage of Fashion Night Out!

SK said...

It looks like a lot of fun things were happening in New York! Boston was quite the contrary... and many people were disappointed!