The weather last Friday, felt like a night out of Seattle. Rainy, misty and cold. Its was a refreshing change and weather like that always makes me crave comfort food.

I confess I am a member of the church of David Chang. Momofuku ssam bar is one of my favorite places to eat in the East Village. The food is reminiscent of all the Korean flavors I grew up with but always with his creative twist.

The bf and I always start with the pork buns. The pork literally melts in you mouth and a dip of the sriracha sauce makes it heavenly.

Growing up, ddukboki (rice cakes) was one of my favorite comfort foods my mom or grandma would make for me. David Chang's version tastes like a sophisticated version with pork and crispy shallots.

Conveniently, right next door is dessert at Milk Bar. Another addition to the Momofuku family.

My favorite cookie was the cornflake chocolate chip marshmellow cookie. Try saying that fast.

Last but not least, I got to finally wear my Barneys Co-op jacket I bought 2 months ago.

Barneys Co-op jacket, American Apparel tank, Marley skirt, American Apparel leg warmers, Marc Jacobs boots.


SK said...

This reminds me that I have to go get a new pair of rain boots before it starts storming!

Your food photos are delectable :)

seasonal lust said...

i have a picture against this wall as well! <3 love momofuku