food is love

This weekend was:

Brunch with girlfriends at Five Points. I had a yummy brioche french toast with pecans and mascarpone.

Shopping in Soho, with a pit stop at the Cupcake Stop truck. The red velvet was not bad.

The September Issue at the Sunshine Theater. I don't know if I loved this movie. It was alitle slow for me. I loved Grace Coddington though. She is such a amazing image creator. What exactly does Andre Leon Talley do? It looks like he does jack shit.

Dinner at Pinto with good friends. They have the coolest way of serving thai iced tea and the food is always tasty!

Then off to bed with my snuggle buddy.


styletrip said...

cupcakes are so delicious they should have a prescription:)

the divinitus said...

ohh, the toast looks gooood.

vein of noir said...

I AGREE! cupcakes=best medicine