voluspa candles

Goji and Tarocco Orange by Voluspa from Japonica collection

I recently stopped by Anthropologie for some trend shopping for work. The store always smells good, but today it made my nostrils perk up. They had two of these Goji and Tarocco orange Voluspa candles burning in large glass vases and the scent filled the entire store. It was a pretty large space too!

The candle smells amazing! The first initial whiff smells like Haribo gummy bears and the tail end you catch a burst of orangey citrus goodness.

I bought one and I cant wait till I fill my studio with this delicious scent. They also have other heavenly sounding scents I need to go back for. Next on my list is Panjore Lychee. It is a blend of ripe lychee and pear, warmed by smooth vanilla bean. Sounds good enough to eat!

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