in my bag

The bf always makes fun of me because my purse usually is like a suitcase. I always pack everything I would need for any worst case scenario. So you can imagine how heavy it gets! I put my bag collection on a constant rotation. This week I'm loving my slate blue/grey Balenciaga Matelasse bag. I scored this at the Woodbury Outlets a few months ago. It felt too heavy looking for summer so I was saving it for a fall. It seems as if there is a hint of fall in the air this week in NYC.

My Kid Robot gorilla charm.

Inside my "suitcase":

-Vanilla macarons from Bouchon Bakery. I always carry snacks, just in case my food baby starts nagging.

-Keys with all my sentimental key chains

-iPod touch. Always need my music.

-Marc Jacobs coin purse for my work badges and metro card.

-Sephora brilliant shine lipgloss in rosy glow. My hands down favorite lip gloss out there. Its not sticky and goes on really smooth. I've been through two tubes already.

-Cellphone. Haven't crossed over to Blackberry/iPhone land yet.

-Gucci wallet from the days when the bf worked at Gucci.

-Vintage RayBan aviators from my dad. He bought these brand new in the 70's for $40 bucks. They are still good as new and stylish as ever. Goes to you show you some things never go out of style.

-My new book, Pride and Prejudice with cover from Ruben Toledo.

-Marc Jacobs makeup bag with way too much stuff to show. You name it I have it in that bag. Bandaids, asprin, tissues, etc. Its a mini Duane Reade in there.


seasonal lust said...

your bag is beautiful! and i agree with you about raybans. they stay classic forever, especially aviators

anna bu said...

love your bag!!



The Divinitus said...

rayban, itouch... agree, addicted.