need to get my hair did

My hair is so blah right now. The ends are dry with split ends galore. Its in a weird in between length that makes me just want to put it in a low bun or pony tail everyday. I need a change. I was thinking of doing the blunt medium bob a la Gweny. I've loved her style, since the days she was dating Brad Pitt. I thought her hair and clothes were always spot on. I guess things haven't changed. She still looks amazing!


pink horrorshow said...

have you heard of Moroccan Oil? I bought it after girls were raving to me about the wonders it did for them. It's supposed to heal a lot of problems (frizziness, split ends, dryness) and I recommend that you get it for your split ends or after you cut your hair to maintain the softness :)

vein of noir said...

yes ive heard of it and have been wanting to try it! thanks for the tip! :)

SK said...

even after giving birth to children! she's one hot mama. her hair is so sleek!