let them eat cake

Last week, the bff J and I had one of our weekly girl talk dinners. Our dinners always end with dessert. She and I both have such major sweet tooths! No matter how full we are, we can never say no.

We stopped by La Bergamote in the Meatpacking District. Its a very quaint little patisserie. When we walked in we were greeted by a case of deliciousness. It was so hard to choose! Everything made my mouth water.

A tasty invasion.

We decided to share the Bergamote, their signature dessert and a grape macaron. The grape macaron had such a tangy and sweet taste. I can still taste it! The signature dessert was AMAZING as well.

After stuffing ourselves, we headed over to Milk Studios for the Sam Haskins opening presented by Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger, Dee Hilfiger and Ludwig Haskins. [Picture from WWD.]

The pictures didn't really impress me much.

I'm too shy to ask celebs to take pictures, so all we could manage was this terrible blackberry photo of Nicky Hilton. She is VERY thin in person and really tall. She seemed bored.

It seemed like all the girls of NYC called each other and decided to dress exactly alike. The "uniform" of the night was a black boyfriend blazer with short skirt/shorts, American Apparel top of some sort and ankle booties/strappy black shoes and a Chanel or Balenciaga bag.

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seasonal lust said...

haha the 'uniform'

how ironic that they all have to be the same when fashion's job is to highlight individual style...