dark delights

I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am for the Tim Burton retrospective at the MOMA. Opening on November 22, the exhibit will feature his earliest childhood drawings through his mature work with paintings, storyboards, digital and moving-image formats, puppets and maquettes, props, costumes, ephemera, sketchbooks, and cartoons.

He made me fall in love with Johnny Depp when I first watched Edward Scissorhands. I love his signature dark, moody, quirky vibe in all his work.

This months Harpers Baazar, features a fashion editorial of Tim Burton's world re-imagined.

there he is!

saving the best for last.


A Pinch of Style said...

Hello there! Thanks for leaving a comment on my page..ur just too sweet. I was going through your blog and j'adore! I will be in NY and saw the pork buns from momofuku..I can't wait to try it. My friends always rave about it and they will be taking me there. Any more recommendations bc I love to eat! BTW..love the patent wedges from the previous post.

vein of noir said...

Yes you def have to try momofuku. I LOVE it. A new place I just tried, its called L'artusi. It has a really chic decor and good simple italian food. Do you have any other types of food you want to try? Enjoy your time in the city! :)

A Pinch of Style said...

Oh..I already made rsvp for L'Artusi..my friends rave about it. I eat anything! I will def. update my blog on the foodies I try. Thank you so much!!!