shades of grey

In highschool, I used to love wearing colored mascara. It added alittle pop of color on my eyes without wearing too much eyeshadow or any eyeliner. My favorite was a cobalt blue and teal color from the Sephora brand. Straight on, it didnt look like anything different, but from a side view thats when the color pops.

I cant wait to get my hands on the new grey mascara from YSL called sublime grey. I think it will pair nicely with a deep crimson red lipstick.


seasonal lust said...

do you have brown eyes? I do and I guess i would be apprehensive that it you de-emphasize them rather than bring them out. what do you think? post your review after you get your hands on them! I'd love to know. =)

ps. loving your blog

SK said...

grey mascara! i wonder if it will show up on my black lashes... hmm something to try!