I love lazy Saturday mornings. I live for lazy Saturday mornings.
I could literally stay in bed all day just rolling around until my grumbling stomach nags me to get up.

The bf and I spent most of the morning looking through my food blogs. The theme on one of them was BBQ. Another theme was cupcakes. After seeing one delicious picture after the next, the only thing on our brains were BBQ and CUPCAKES! We had to have them.

Headed to Q for our cravings. I devoured a pulled pork sandwich, licking my fingers with each bite.

He had the ribs.

Then we washed it with a endless supply of sweet tea that came in mason jars.

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J said...

omg that looks SOO GOOD!!! i have never been to that restaurant but im sure its no where close to where i am! looks delish though :)