from polyvore to real life

Sophia Kostas top, H&M skirt, Nine West shoes, JCrew enamel bracelet, vintage gold necklace and bracelets.

I love using Polyvore to play stylist. Its such a fun tool to kill time and just release some creative juices.

I made this set a year ago and was dreaming of it to be my "if i ever go to paris" outfit. The skirt is from Chloe and the top from Proenza Schouler. The other day while browsing around H&M for work, I found the skirt in the exact shade which instantly brought me to back to my Polyvore set.

So here it is from virtual world to real world. I just need to buy a baguette and I'm all set for my Parisian adventure in New York.


Lesley said...

I wish the things in Polyvore were in my actual closet! :-(

vein of noir said...

i agree!