Part 3 of MBNYFW

My outfit at the Ports 1961 show. Going for the nerdy editor look.
Blouse by J.Crew, blazer by Club Monaco, cargo pants by J.Crew, shoes by YSL, bag by Balenciaga.

Outside the tents was a runway of its own. Everyone came dressed to the nines. So many more street fashion photographers this year.

Will from Will and Grace.

Don't forget the men!

Photographer in action.


herwaisechoice said...

You got to go to Ports 1961? You are such a lucky girl, I love their line! Hope you post more photos of your personal style!

Behind The Seams said...

Lucky girl! Great photos!!

Elaine said...

How exciting!!! Loved seeing what everyone else was wearing.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

The Queen of Hearts said...

Love the bag! I have the very same Bal in cognac and I cannot tell you how happy I am to see someone else with the same style! Great minds think alike : )

The Black Queen