new season, new hair

I found more inspiration pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow's hair in the November issue of British Elle. She is so cute! I love having pictures to bring to my hairdresser.

Here's what my hairdresser Motoki came up with. I'm not used to having my hair so short in the back. I feel like Kate Gosselin. It's going take some getting used too, but I do love this light and airy feeling to my hair. I wanted to maintain my hair since this high maintenance haircut requires daily straight ironing and blow drying. I finally got my hands on the Moroccan oil everyones been raving about. I LOVE it. I have tried just about everything out there for dry hair and this worked instantly. My hair is so soft, that I end up touching my hair all day long. It smells so yummy too. I'm a believer!

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Lesley said...

OMG I love your hair!!! It looks great! :-)