an apple a day

Last weekend, a few of my friends and I made a road trip to Princeton, New Jersey to go apple picking. The weather was drizzly and cold, but since we made the drive out we decided to make the most of it. When we got there luckily the rain stopped just enough for us to pick a few apples.

The farm we went to, Terhune Farm has both vegetables and fruits to pick all year round.

The pumpkin patch.

At the on site store, we were lucky to get a just out of the oven batch of apple cider donuts. They were

We started a bit late in the apple picking season, so most of the varieties were all picked.

I loved the tart little crab apples. I was picking and eating at the same time.

With our fruits of labor, we made an apple crisp.

Freshly made with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Heaven.

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pink horrorshow said...

Ugh, I need more of the apple crisps that I made. My mouth is watering..

I was so disappointed in the donuts I got from when I went apple picking a few weeks ago, they were so cakey and clumped in my mouth like glue. Gross.