eco friendly makeup

I confess I'm a Sephora addict. So when their catalog shows up in my mailbox, I cant wait to tear through it. My eyes gloss over and I start circling all the new goodies I need to try or buy.

This months catalog included their new line of nautral eyeshadow and lipgloss, called Sephora Pure.Which means 95% natural ingredients and 10% organic ingredients. Lately, I've been more conscious about what I'm putting on my skin. I dont like the idea of putting all those unnatural ingredients on my skin and I think my skin has improved ever since I've cut back on those chemicaly products.

They have gorgeous color palette, called Star Gazer. I love how all the colors can easily go from day to night. It comes in a very chic sustainable bamboo compact in black. The texture is AMAZING. It is nothing like I've felt before. It is cashmere for the eye lids!! The color is so pretty on too.

I hope they expand the line cause I love it!

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