I've seen Korres products in magazines here and there.On my occasional trips to Sephora too, but I didnt pay too much attention to them since there are 439853 new hyped up skin care lines popping up every second with promises of this and that.

With my birthday coming up soon and the dread of growing a year older, my thoughts turned to...WRINKLES!

I haven't really found any on my face yet, so the idea may be a little premature but it doesnt hurt to start early!

I started using the Evening Primrose eye cream from Korres and I love it! Its smooth and light with no fragrance. Another plus it it has SPF.

Besides the fact that it has 100% natural ingredients. Its also from one of the first homeopathic pharmacies in Ancient Greece.

Can't wait to go to their new store in Soho and stock up on more goodies!

Dont want to end up looking like recent lezzie hohan!!! She is 21 years old!!! What the hell! Good god look at her eyes.

picture from mtv movie awards

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